Eventually, I got an electric guitar.  I feel like I should be able to remember who I got it from, but I can’t. I think maybe I got it from my cousin, Jesse. Or maybe I eventually sold it to him. I can’t remember. I can’t believe that I can’t remember.  Here’s what I do… Continue reading Silvertone


Shortly after the senior citizen center incident, that very same grandmother (I had 4) gave me my first guitar. I was at her house one day and there was a guitar sitting on the porch.  That was not at all unusual. There were always different items and objects of all types wherever that lady went.… Continue reading Cintioli’s

Taco Bell

My dad was a pretty big influence on me. Musically and otherwise. He wasn’t my real father. I had a really good relationship with my real father too, and I’m totally influenced by that as well. I call my step dad my dad and my biological father my father, so hopefully that will be easy… Continue reading Taco Bell