What is Bass?

At the end of 1986 we moved, yet again, to a new neighborhood. For the previous 2 years, we lived in an apartment in Castor Gardens, a Jewish neighborhood in Northeast Philly. From there, we moved to Frankford, just a few blocks north of the last stop on the Market-Frankford elevated train line. By some… Continue reading What is Bass?


Eventually, I got an electric guitar.  I feel like I should be able to remember who I got it from, but I can’t. I think maybe I got it from my cousin, Jesse. Or maybe I eventually sold it to him. I can’t remember. I can’t believe that I can’t remember.  Here’s what I do… Continue reading Silvertone


Shortly after the senior citizen center incident, that very same grandmother (I had 4) gave me my first guitar. I was at her house one day and there was a guitar sitting on the porch.  That was not at all unusual. There were always different items and objects of all types wherever that lady went.… Continue reading Cintioli’s